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Stone Mountain Bow Strings / 10636 Hwy 12 / Orofino. ID 83544

Phone 208-476-7811 / Fax 208-476-5866

Email   bowstrings@sitestar.net


       Combined with our unique and exclusive serving process, the "DAKOTA" bow string eliminates peep rotation and the need for any alignment devices.  The servings are extremely tight and will not slip or separate. 

     The remarkable process in which the "DAKOTA" is built, gives the string outstanding performance and speed. Providing you with a SUPERIOR and hassle free string on any compound bow.

     Once you compare these strings to any others,  you will see why so many people rely on Stone Mountain!


     The "DAKOTA"  bowstring and cable system is pre-twisted and pre-stretched under 800lbs of tension and served under 200lbs, eliminating residual stretch experienced with all bow strings. Each string and cable is stress monitored to avoided over stretching or weakened strands. This process insures the bow string will remain at the desired length through out the life of the product.